Sustainability & Environment

Focus on environment and ecology


We cannot describe demands for ecological products in future in one sentence. We have to follow the product from the cradle to the grave: what are emissions, what is danger for people, plants and animals, possible economy of recourses for raw materials, and optimizing use of energy and optimizing of transport. If those properties are working best possible way, we can talk about a consistently ecological product.

Europerl Perlite product group

Perlite is a volcanic rock, which is transported from Greece and Turkey by ships. Those countries have large deposits of Perlite – like many other countries on earth. Raw material (which has been sun dried) fills only 5-10% of the expanded volume under the transportation. Expansion and further treatment happens at Nordisk Perlite in Hillerød. Rest of water in Perlite rock, when heated to softening range makes particles to pop up and gives it a porous structure. Consumption of energy is relative low, because of the determined effort with f. ex.. retrieving of heat in production process. For insulation the product is silicone treated with less than 0,2% by weight. This reacts with carbon dioxide of air and creates Potassium carbonate and Methyl silica acid, which makes the product water resistant. There isn’t any toxically or harmful effects for people or nature.

Lifecycles and removal

Europerl Perlite is an inorganic and neutral product and because of that there is no risk for rotting or transforming. This means , that it can be recycled. There is no need for depositing. Perlite can also be led back to the nature and even be used as a soil conditioner and 100% clean growing media for plants.


Europerl Perlite is a fire-proof natural material with many applications. Perlite is water repellent and diffusion open consequently there will not be any loss of heat when wet, and it is possible to use the Perlite in the buildings without water vapor barrier, specially in wood- and roof constructions. Europerl Perlite is coming from the nature and can be led back to Europerl Perlite is an ecologically a very usable material.