Alvand Metal Chemical Company

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Alvand Metal Chemical Company under the Caspian Perlite brand is a knowledge-based company in the field of perlite products

Europerl Perlite for plants

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Europerl Perlite has proved in decades that it improves growing and secures healthy roots. It’s been used more and more

Application of perlite in filtration

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Filtration is the separation of solids from liquids by forcing the liquid

Special applications

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There are many special applications for Europerl Perlite. Perlite is a super lightweight material. As a result Perlite find its use together

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Why choose Caspian Perlite?

Production based on customer requested features
We customize the production of expanded perlite based on the required features and customer requirements

What is perlite and why should we use it?

Perlite is a type of volcanic glass rock with a combination of aluminum silicate, which due to volcanic activity has magmatic water. The composition of the primary rock has increased by 4 to 20 times in volume, which, like corn kernels, blossoms into tiny glass bubbles and turns into a material with a very low specific gravity (150-75 kg / m3).

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