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This company was established in 2008 with the primary goal of producing unsaturated polyester resin. After preparing the land and constructing the building, despite having the approval of all provincial and national authorities, he failed to receive banking facilities. Therefore, after the necessary studies, the production of expanded perlite is on the company's agenda, and after about three years of comprehensive study and review of all existing technologies in Iran and the use of global information, finally the production line design and map of devices and production line Was prepared. The construction of the required devices and machines has been done by the company itself, since the beginning of 2016, the production of different types of perlite granulation with the highest possible quality has officially started in Iran.

The vision of the founder of the company


Habibullah Jamshidi

The company thinks globally in terms of studies and research, product quality, inventions, technology and sales market

The company does not decide to receive the price of its products from the revenue or profit of its customers, but tries to use the company's products and services in customer activities, add value, then the price of the products The company will receive the extra profit that the customer earns

Achieving the highest quality and global standard for this company is not a dream, but an achievable goal. In this regard, increasing the quality of customers' products is one of the strategic goals of this company, which tries to achieve in any case

The fate of customers is considered to be dependent on the fate of this company, tied and inseparable, so the goods sold must play a positive and progressive role in the success of the customer. Therefore, until this goal is achieved, concern and follow-up will be among our concerns. Production of continuous and increasing employment, international and permanent study and research, and production of new products that will be a national pride and pride of the country are the main policies of this company. comes

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