Europerl Perlite for plants

Europerl Perlite has proved in decades that it improves growing and secures healthy roots. It’s been used more and more. It secures air for the roots and holds water. There are two main uses and different types of Europerl Perlite:

1. Soil/peat mixtures- type: Plante-perl
2. Hydroponics- growing in pure Europerl Perlite – type: Perli-gro

Europerl improves soil:

    Secures air for roots
    Improves drainage
    Gives loose soil – eliminates compacting
    Provides uniform growing media
    Keeps the structure many years – doesn’t demolish
    Neutral pH
    Gives strong root section
    Sterile product

What’s Europerl?
Europerl is specially produced Perlite- a volcanic rock, which expands 10-20 times with special heating. Perlite becomes white particles from 0 to 6 mm with fine pores and large surface. These unique properties gives air for roots and creates a high drainage.