Perlite the environmentally safe traction material

Perlite for traction

For many years truck drivers found they could use Perlite for traction whenever they found themselves stuck in snow or ice. The Perlite didn’t melt the snow or ice, but it did provide as much or more traction than sand, and was a lot easier to use. Instead of weighing over 1000-1500 kg/m, Perlite weighs from 4-7 lbs./cubic foot. And unlike sand, Perlite seems to “soak” up water and “slush” and dries up the “slick” surfaces quickly and easily.
Directions for using Perlite

For Home Use

Use Perlite for icy spots around your home (walks, steps, driveways, etc). After spreading a thin layer on these surfaces, step on it and press it into the ice to keep it in place (Perlite is so light that a strong wind can and will blow it

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