renovating golf greens

Perlite for renovating golf greens

Golf greens are among the most highly managed turf areas to be found. Not only are they subject to the variables of nature, they must withstand compaction from concentrated foot traffic and exhibit infiltration rates sufficient to absorb heavy rainfall without ponding while still retaining water and nutrients for optimum turf growth. In addition, maintenance costs are very carefully monitored with golf greens and there can be very little interruption of play for golfers.
The Role of Perlite in Golf Greens

The unique physical characteristics of horticultural Perlite make it an ideal material for renovating golf greens. When horticultural Perlite is added as a constituent of the soil in golf greens, Perlite

Perlite for preventing drought damage

Perlite for preventing drought damage

During the 1950’s and early 1960’s, The University of Tokyo conducted extensive research for Mitsui Mining and Smelting Co., Ltd. to study the effects of adding Perlite to turf grasses.

Among the findings of

How to handle tip burn ?

How to handle tip burn ?


Gardeners are usually calm, peaceful people, not given to heated argument. After all, a good gardener grows healthy plants and, therefore, doesn’t have to defend his methods. But even the most genteel plant lover can be

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